Whilst searching for a picture of an Abtronic machine, I came across this gem of a press release. An extract:

The Federal Court has declared that other claims made by Danoz Direct were misleading or deceptive in breach of the Trade Practices Act, because Danoz Direct did not have reasonable grounds for making the claims. These included that:

  • the Abtronic was a brilliant training and toning tool;

  • the Abtronic firms, tones and tightens your upper abs, lower abs and ‘love handles’, with no sweat;

  • the Abtronic could provide a vigorous workout for the abdominal region, the love handles, arms, buttocks and thighs;

  • the Abtronic would tone and firm muscles; and

  • the Abtronic can work out and tone different muscle groups.

Who would have thought it? It does have other uses though, if only a certain page was still accessible, you could see an example.

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