Down to my last pair of undies today — I guess this means I need to do some washing?

Used the washer and dryer in the hotel… had to get a load of quarters from the front desk. The allegedly warm water emitted by the washer was actually rather cold, so I’m not sure how much cleaner the clothes became, but they look ok. There’s also an iron and ironing board in the hotel room, which is pretty good I guess.

I’m really getting keen to move out of the hotel, though. Not only is it expensive to stay here, but eating out (or getting takeaway) every night also starts to get to you — there isn’t exactly a huge variety of food places here. Also, breakfast costs a minimum of $8.50 once you add sales tax and the standard 15% tip.

Speaking of food, the cafeteria at IBM isn’t too bad, although they seem to recycle things from day to day under a different name. And, there’s something really fundamentally wrong about serving “Thai” food, and the fried rice having bits of pineapple in it.

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