Managed to sleep in a bit for the first time, which was good. Went shopping at that great American institution: the mall. Experienced Wal Mart for the first time (basically a really big Big W), and some other places. They have a chain of chemists here called CVS, which I find funny. Had a lot of trouble buying gloves, because everywhere was sold out of them. Ended up getting a pair that are probably more fancy than I needed.

Took some photos of the new car, and worked out how all the gizmos work. There are cupholders in the dash everywhere, but only space for four CDs. Also, you can’t turn the headlights off: there is an on setting, and an automatic setting. It even leaves them on for a while after you park the car and stop the engine. Furthermore, it locks itself when you start driving and unlocks when you switch the engine off. And it beeps at you until you put your seatbelt on.

Also spotted a yurt. Finally, a random Americanism: they’ve never heard of “Coke” here, you have to ask for “Coca Cola”.

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