Checked out of the hotel, boggled at the “occupancy tax” they were charging me in addition to the normal sales tax, and moved into the
new apartment in Ossining. Very good to be here.

Also, went grocery shopping properly for the first time. It takes forever when you don’t know any of the brands and need to look at all the options and work out what’s best. Random observations:

  • Every item has a per-unit price displayed (eg. $2.50 per pound or whatever), which makes comparisons much easier.

  • The cheese is all a funny yellow/orange colour.

  • You can’t buy just plain milk. There’s skim milk, low fat milk, slightly more fat milk, and “vitamin D milk” which seems to be normal milk as far as the fat content goes anyway. I took my chances with the vitamin D.

  • They employ someone at each checkout just to put stuff in plastic bags.

  • You don’t pay tax on food, like the GST.

So, at least now I can start eating a little better, and not have to spend about $20 a day on breakfast and dinner.

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