So apparently we’re supposed to get 10 inches of snow overnight. I have a feeling I won’t be in at work terribly early if that happens.

Spent the day at work, doing nothing spectacularly exciting. The next thing on my general TODO list is to get a mobile (sorry, “cell”) phone, since that seems like a better option than paying to have the phone line in my apartment connected. You can get prepaid phones here, for about $80, which is good, but I’d like a tri- (or quad-) band phone so I can use it back in Australia. Unfortunately they don’t come with prepaid packages, and the plans are all for a year or more, so I’d be looking at $200 plus just for the phone. But, I was going to buy a new phone anyway. Tough call.

In other news, trying to do raw bit manipulations in Java sure is painful.

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