Woke up at 6:0something AM and unset the wake up call. Bleh.

Breakfast was pretty good… two things I forgot to mention last night: checked out the TV guide and discovered that it was all for porn (pay TV of course :). Also, the toilet is a little odd. It starts off half full with water already, which rises as you, er, use it. So you’d better not have a too large bladder. Then when you flush, it dribbles water in around the side to create a little whirlpool, sucks the whole lot out the bottom, and then regurgitates half to refill the bowl. This means (as I discovered) that if there is something, er, bouyant, in there, it can get sucked out the bottom but come back out when the bowl is refilled. Oops.

Went for a short walk around the car park. It’s fscking cold, but watching CNN last night, New York had -7. Hmm.

Waiting for the bus to the airport, which no doubt will be followed by endless shenanigans getting onto the plane, so that I can spend another 12 hours getting bored and tired before further shenanigans. Isn’t travel fun? Although, I must say I’m a big fan of the overnight stopover for shower, shit, shave, and sleep. Makes it much more bearable.

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