Cooked green curry (which was very hard to find in the supermarket) chicken for dinner. Cooking is a bit of an exercise in event management here, firstly because there’s one saucepan, one small frypan, and two hotplates, but also because if both hotplates and the microwave are on at the same time a circuit breaker trips out.

Discovered a channel that shows BBC world news in the evening. This is nice, because although they have a slightly British slant they cover much more international news than any of the American channels. There are something like 10 full time news channels here, they all have that annoying scrolly text across the bottom, and in some cases they have multiple scrollys.

Anyway, I was flicking through all these channels just to see how many there were, so I made a spot survey of what’s on TV at around 8pm:

  1. noise

  2. CBS: showing a current affairs program

  3. PAX: America’s Funniest Home Videos (yes, they have that crap here too)

  4. NBC: some reality TV show

  5. FOX: American Idol (yes, that too)

  6. a Spanish channel

  7. ABC: some sitcom

  8. NJN: the local PBS channel, showing a documentary

  9. UPN: Star Trek

  10. a Christian channel, currently plugging a website

  11. WB11: some soapie

  12. News 12 Westchester: a channel showing nothing but local news, except there isn’t very much of it so they rehash and repeat themselves every half hour or so

  13. Thirteen: interview with some muso guy

  14. A program guide showing what’s on now (you need it with so many channels)

  15. YES: college basketball

  16. another Spanish channel

  17. and another, this one is showing “Guerra de los Sexos”

  18. some channel showing a loop of local town info pages

  19. RNN: news

  20. a Korean channel

  21. WLIW: someone discussing needlework

  22. what appears to be an operetta, only they’re running it off video and the tracking is all screwed up

  23. MSNBC: news

  24. CNBC: more news (what is it with all the *NBCs?)

  25. CNN: news

  26. FOX: news

  27. Discovery channel: a bible story reenactment, but they didn’t have a very large special effects budget

  28. TLC: reality TV

  29. The food channel: a cooking show, except with a live band doing backing

  30. HGTV: basically a home improvement channel

  31. Disney channel: a teen soapie

  32. Nickelodeon: kid’s cartoons

  33. TEENick: Sabrina the Teenage Witch

  34. TVLand: some very old sitcom

  35. ESPN: ice hockey

  36. ESPN: basketball

  37. TNT: a movie

  38. USA: a soapie

  39. TBS Superstation: an Arnie movie

  40. the home shopping network

  41. Spike: Star Trek

  42. Game Show channel: Who Wants to be a Millionaire

  43. AMC: an old Bond movie

  44. Bravo: an awards ceremony

  45. Livetime: the Nanny

  46. A&E: doco about movies

  47. neverending ads

  48. QVC: more home shopping

  49. ABC family: sitcom

  50. Comedy Central: Crank Yankers (puppets)

  51. E!: entertainment news

  52. VHR: doco about some 60s pop star

  53. reality TV (big brotherish)

  54. JET: another sitcom

  55. MTV: video clips

  56. The Golf Channel

  57. Animal Planet: reality TV combined with nature doco

  58. Court TV: neverending cop shows, car chases, crime docos, etc

  59. CNNHN: news

  60. Metro TV sports: basketball

  61. C-SPAN 2: British House of Commons

  62. The Weather Channel: weather reports

  63. some ancient movie

  64. Sci Fi channel: The Flintstones movie

  65. C-SPAN: some US Senate committee

  66. noise

  67. noise

  68. noise

  69. noise

  70. noise

  71. noise

  72. noise

  73. noise

  74. MSC: ice hockey

  75. an interview with Shimon Peres

  76. some college channel on bad video

  77. ice hockey

  78. video of a local council meeting

…more than ten times as many channels, but still nothing worth watching.

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