Location: somewhere over Anchorage, Alaska USA

Note: the time was actually much earlier, probably about 1am (I just wrote “very early morning”), but since LiveJournal deals in local time I’ve done this so that it gets sorted correctly. So much for global clocks!

The flight attendants just violated the silly American regulation about people gathering in groups by informing everyone (who was awake) of, and allowing them to queue by the windows to see, a pretty spectacular Aurora.

Managed to get an emergency exit seat (ie. lots of leg room) next to the window, so I can’t complain, much.

Otherwise the flight has been entirely uneventful, and I’m waiting for the battery in the laptop to expire.

Tried to use an internet kiosk thing in the airport, but got nothing but 404s. By the way, internet kiosk in Japan means brand new laptop with some metal bits holding it to the desk. It was spotless, and undamaged. The spotless part became obvious a little later when a woman came by and sprayed disinfectant over it. She didn’t seem to do anything about the fact that it wasn’t working, however.

Still 5:30 worth of flight to go. It’s warming up outside now, up to -47C from -65C as the pixelated plane slowly crawls in an arc across North America. For some unknown reason they turned the lights on now, having had them on for the past 3 hours while it was afternoon in Japanese time, so strangely enough noone was sleepy. I figured maybe they were trying to accustomise us to New York time, but now that it’s getting into night time at both origin and destination, the only explanation is that they’re trying to confuse us.

Since there isn’t anything terribly interesting to say about a 12 hour plane trip, I’m going to listen to some muzak until the battery dies. It’s doing remarkably well so far for a single charge!

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