The coffee is RANCID!

Apart from that, breakfast was really good. Got given a slip of paper to fill in a tip on, and sign, to have it charged to my room. Doing the mental arithmetic for a 15% tip in your head sucks! Ended up tipping a bit too much (20%), for people that didn’t really do anything, but whatever.

The whole tipping thing sucks. For any given price (say, $10.95 for buffet breakfast), you need to remember that the price you finally pay will get tax (which appears to be 7% here) added to it, and often they expect a tip (although they won’t say how much, you have to divine this from a guide book). Then sometimes they add gratuity and other random charges. In fact, it’s pretty much guaranteed that the price you see is not the price you pay, which makes you wonder what the point is.

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