Went in to the town for dinner. Parked in an area with meters, but no sign to indicate when you were expected to use them — this seems to be a local rule that is obviously known to everyone but myself. Noticed that all the meters had expired, even those with cars parked in the space, so took my chances.

By the way, when I said that the road rules varied by state, other things like speed limits and parking restrictions are set for each town. As you drive in there are signs saying things like “Town of Blah Blah, no parking on roadways 3-6am”.

I ate in a coffee house that also had sandwiches and pizza stuff as well, and was packed with people. Ordered a melted sandwich thing, as well as a mocha. Actually, it’s apparently not a mocha, because when I finally gave up and pointed to it on the menu he said “Oh, a mowcar!”. It also turned up in a cup as large as my head (these Americans seem to like everything big).

That’s the third coffee for the day, or counting them in terms of normal size cups, probably about the sixth. The rough plan is to stay up to a semi-normal time by being drugged up on caffeine, thereby forcing my body to sleep longer in the morning. I’ve yet to see how well it works.

After paying (one has to ask for the “check”), I returned to the car to see with relief that I had not yet acquired an American parking ticket. And so endeth another day, apparently it might not be quite so freezing cold tomorrow.

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