So, apparently I forgot to mention something about the Super Bowl which is causing a major controversy over here. As I’m sure the informed reader is aware, at the end of the half time show Justin Timberlake grabbed at and removed part of Janet Jackson’s costume, exposing her breast.

This is HUGE in America. The FCC is talking about fining all sort of people, and it features regularly on news programs. CNN had a headline at lunch time: “Costume malfunction explained”, which I found hilarious. Also, flicking through channels this evening, Entertainment Tonight (which is actually on in the evening) and one of its competitors (there is a whole channel devoted to this stuff) were running special investigations.

However, from the reports I’ve seen, nobody has been game to actually replay the event. The closest was showing still frames with carefully pixelated regions. Compare this to home, where I’m told the TV channels, newspaper, etc. are using it as a great excuse to show a bit of flesh.

Which is all ironic, since I was actually watching the Super Bowl, but happened to be looking away the second it happened, so I didn’t even get to see it, and still haven’t.

Random Americanism: they don’t say the “and” in numbers here. It’s “two thousand four” or “one hundred one dollars”.

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