Made the mistake this morning of using the windshield washers just after getting into the car, and ended up with a nice frozen layer of water all over the windscreen, and no visibility. Oops.

Went to the social security office to find out what was happening with my application, and the answer was: not much. Turns out they were supposed to have faxed something off when I applied two weeks ago, only they didn’t, so I now have another 1-2 week wait for an SSN. I love bureaucracies!


Received a paycheque, hurrah!

Not that I have a bank account yet where I can cash it. Still waiting on a social security number, but this should happen Real Soon Now.

The temperature made it above freezing today, and it’s predicted to be similarly warm for the rest of the week. Hurrah again!

Had something of a cooking disaster this evening, mainly resulting from being over-ambitious with one small pot, one small pan, and a microwave. The result was still edible, luckily. Unfortunately I’ve been making enough for dinner and lunch the next day, so tomorrow I’ll have to endure it all over again.


So, apparently I forgot to mention something about the Super Bowl which is causing a major controversy over here. As I’m sure the informed reader is aware, at the end of the half time show Justin Timberlake grabbed at and removed part of Janet Jackson’s costume, exposing her breast.

This is HUGE in America. The FCC is talking about fining all sort of people, and it features regularly on news programs. CNN had a headline at lunch time: “Costume malfunction explained”, which I found hilarious. Also, flicking through channels this evening, Entertainment Tonight (which is actually on in the evening) and one of its competitors (there is a whole channel devoted to this stuff) were running special investigations.

However, from the reports I’ve seen, nobody has been game to actually replay the event. The closest was showing still frames with carefully pixelated regions. Compare this to home, where I’m told the TV channels, newspaper, etc. are using it as a great excuse to show a bit of flesh.

Which is all ironic, since I was actually watching the Super Bowl, but happened to be looking away the second it happened, so I didn’t even get to see it, and still haven’t.

Random Americanism: they don’t say the “and” in numbers here. It’s “two thousand four” or “one hundred one dollars”.

Super Bowl

What a stupid game. They spend significantly more time not playing, which is lucky because the commercials are all that anyone watches for. I was left in the position of shouting to let everyone else know when the ad breaks came on.

In other news, the sun was out yesterday and today (hurrah, although it was still well below freezing), I saw a very cool webcam game that goes with your PlayStation 2, and I just attended an hour and a half of OHS training.


What we call yum-cha, they call dim-sum here. Otherwise, it’s the same, and I ate far too much. Also, discovered during dinner at the pub later on that they have similar drink driving laws here, but that the police don’t (and can’t) do random breath testing (or “spot checks”) in the state of New York. So, I’m not entirely sure how they enforce it.

I’m off to a Super Bowl dinner this evening, which should be enlightening at least.