Toured around downtown Toronto, but mostly in the car because it was cold (well, below freezing). Took lots of photos anyway. Japanese for lunch, Thai for dinner means I’m catching up with all the good Asian food you just don’t get in Westchester.

Also, they do things a bit more like us here. Less channels on the TV, less rampant commercialism, less funny traffic lights. The city reminds me a lot of Melbourne, it has trams and it’s spread out over a large area, so there aren’t many big high rises in the centre of town. And there are long streets with shops on both sides and neverending traffic jams.

They do have funny liquor laws here. You can only buy alchohol from one government outlet: the LCBO (Liquor Control Board of Ontario), so there are no bottle shops or anything like that. But then they have a lower drinking age than the US (where you can buy it in supermarkets, but only after midday)!

Speaking of alcohol, had home made tiramisu for dinner, along with a chocolate martini (vodka and creme cacao, shaken up with ice). Yum!

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