Back in Noo Jork again, after another long drive. It takes 8 or 9 hours to do, but it isn’t as bad as an all-day drive in Australia, because the roads are much better. It’s two or three lane divided freeway the whole way, so you just set cruise control at about 70-75 (did I mention everybody speeds here? it’s the same in Canada) and steer. Much less tiring than driving on Australian roads where you get more traffic, and need to overtake trucks on the other side. Then again, coming home last night needed to enter the freeway at a stop sign, by which I mean you have two lanes of 55mph freeway, and you need to turn right onto it and speed up before someone slams into your rear.

Realised passing through customs into the US that it doesn’t really matter how much fingerprinting, photo-taking and other crap they do at the airport, when anyone can fly into Canada and drive across the border with hardly any hassle.

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