Caught some of The Blues Brothers on TV tonight, and thought I’d better say something about the ridiculous things they do to movies to avoid some naughty words. In the twenty minutes or so that I was watching, I noticed:

  • “goat piss into gasoline” was dubbed reasonably well as “goat milk into gasoline”

  • “The fucking Nazi Party” became “The stupid Nazi Party”, said by someone completely different

  • And the most glaringly obvious: Aretha Franklin’s line “Shit, they still owe you money, fool!” had the “shit” turned into “shoot”

The thing is, the different voices and the bad overdubbing are so noticeable that you wonder why they didn’t just bleep it. This kind of thing is apparently standard here, watching a bit of Fargo on cable at a friend’s place I noticed the same dodgy dubbing of swear words.

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