Los Angeles Airport, Gate 46A, seat in the far corner by the window

After an uneventful flight, I’m back in the US but on the wrong side of it, so I’m waiting patiently to get packed into a 767 for the flight to New York.

No exit row seats to be had, so I got squished in behind an obnoxious woman who kept her seat back the whole time and shoved rubbish back under the seat towards me. She also kept shaking, which I understood when leaving and I saw all the cigarette packets. Not pretty.

Took the opportunity to finally watch the last Lord of the Rings movie. It’s a bit better when they bring you a meal in the middle of it, and you have other discomforts to worry about anyway. Although Qantas’ food is distinctly better flying out of the US than out of Australia. Not sure what that says.

Dealt with a rather bitchy immigration officer, who eventually let me in anyway. Had to go through the whole baggage collection / customs / checkin rigmarole again, including digging some food out of my bag to show the much friendlier customs inspector. Also got accosted by a guy who cunningly directed me towards the gate, before starting a charity spiel once he had my attention. I used the “I don’t have any cash” excuse, which is actually particularly plausible in the international arrivals hall of an airport.

Anyway, based on the frequency of the recorded announcements, I estimate I’ll be told to keep within sight of my luggage at least fifteen more times before getting out of here. Hurrah.

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