Fahrenheit 9/11

Saw this on the weekend, along with lots of other people if the box-office takings are to be believed. It’s pretty much what you’d expect from Michael Moore: one-sided and simplistic, but what it does it does very well. I’m sure there are hundreds of commentaries online already, so I won’t add to the noise, but I would recommend seeing it.

It’s scary how funny much of it was, you really don’t have to do anything special to make Bush look like an idiot.


There’s an old guy I see almost every day on my way to and from work, he always hangs around this one particular intersection — sometimes I see him standing on one side, sometimes I see him standing down by the service station, sometimes he’s in the process of ambling from one side to the other, but he’s never more than about 50 metres away. Except weekends: twice now on the weekend I’ve seen him making the slow trip back up the hill from the shops with a trolley-load of beer.

Of course, every morning if he cares to look he sees me driving in one direction, and then coming back again in the evening, so he probably thinks my life is just as boring as his.

I like stories.

Wrong TV, part 2

So there’s a new reality TV show on here: Outback Jack, which was being promoted last week with the line “12 babes, 1 Aussie hunk!”.

Being lucky enough as I was to catch the final 10 minutes of the first show, I can report to you that it’s a combination of Survivor and The Bachelor: the end of the show is the crucial elimination where said hunk has to send off some number of the heavily made up bikini-wearing babes (did I mention that this is supposedly the outback). Of course he can’t just say “you and you piss off”, he has to invite each one up in turn and ask them to “share this journey with me” before they all hop in canoes and go white-water rafting.

Ugh. I found myself wishing that The Crocodile Hunter was on instead.

Oh for the GST

Just received a mobile phone bill:

Universal Connectivity Charge$0.99
Local Wireless Surcharge$0.30
Mctd Surcharge$0.35
Federal Tax$1.33
St Wireless Comm Surcharge$1.20
Sales Tax$3.21
Telecom Excise Tax$1.40

22% in various surcharges and taxes! What’s more, when I started this thing they weren’t charging any tax, just in the last two months have they been doing this. Classic bait-and-switch technique. Bastards.

Breath testing, US style

The scene is the main road out of White Plains, on a Saturday night. There are a number of cops, and they are stopping each and every car, but only briefly. Cop asks driver “have you had anything to drink tonight”, driver replies in somewhat broken English “just a little”. “How much?” “Only a glass.” “Ok, you can go then.”

Which leads me to the conclusion that either they’re very trusting, or you have to reek of alcohol and be slurring your words before you get breath tested, or have your license inspected.

It’s a bit the same with speeding. Observation suggests that they don’t care if you do 5, 10 or usually even 15 mph over the speed limit, but more than that and you’ve got a court appointment.