Wrong TV, part 2

So there’s a new reality TV show on here: Outback Jack, which was being promoted last week with the line “12 babes, 1 Aussie hunk!”.

Being lucky enough as I was to catch the final 10 minutes of the first show, I can report to you that it’s a combination of Survivor and The Bachelor: the end of the show is the crucial elimination where said hunk has to send off some number of the heavily made up bikini-wearing babes (did I mention that this is supposedly the outback). Of course he can’t just say “you and you piss off”, he has to invite each one up in turn and ask them to “share this journey with me” before they all hop in canoes and go white-water rafting.

Ugh. I found myself wishing that The Crocodile Hunter was on instead.

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