Went and saw They Might be Giants (warning, flash) live in Prospect Park, Brooklyn last night for the measly price of $3. They rocked! I took about 50 photos in the knowledge that I’d be lucky if 5 came out, and I was right:

This was the launch of a new album, so I didn’t know that many of the songs. They’re much more rock than you’d expect, which was good. Being a (practically) free gig there really were all ages there, and it was a huge crowd, all of whom had a good time (except the snotty people in the restricted area who stayed sitting down the whole time).

unfamiliar roadkill

Storybook creatures I’ve seen either darting across the road, dead on the side of it, or both:

  • squirrels

  • rabbits

  • chipmunks

  • deer

  • a skunk (I think)

  • small birds

  • other unidentifiable brown furry things

Squirrels, in particular, are common roadkill. They run out onto the road, and then sit there for a full second or more while they contemplate the oncoming vehicle and decide what to do. Don’t think I’ve hit anything yet, but had a near miss with a particularly stupid squirrel that decided to run in the same direction I was swerving.


With my time running out here, I made another trip into the city yesterday to take photos like the good little tourist I am. Walked over the Brooklyn Bridge, and through another corner of Central Park:



Central Park was jam-packed with people, as you’d expect, but also with tourists taking carriage rides. Somehow the excitement (or romance) or a carriage ride through Central Park must be diminished if you’re stuck in a neverending traffic jam of horses.

Also managed to visit (what seemed like) a large number of shops, and not buy anything. Maybe I’m not such a good little tourist after all.


Spent an afternoon in the city again, taking a handful of photos, before the camera battery ran out. One of the downsides of having a battery that lasts so long is you forget that you actually need to charge it occasionally.

I have to admit that the fourth of July was a bit underwhelming. So there were a few fireworks going off somewhere, but I’ve seen a lot of fireworks in my lifetime. I wouldn’t say the city was much busier or that there was anything special going on, although I may have been in the wrong part of town. No complaints about a long weekend though.